The road best traveled is the one that has a Rock Solid foundation

From start to finish—by using innovative and forward thinking methods, utilizing new technologies, making sure that what we do is environmentally responsible, and by value-engineering each project to achieve the best outcomes for every one of our customers—we are leading the way toward a future that is absolutely Rock Solid.


Northern Illinois Medical Center

Testing showed that the soil in sections of the site were not structurally sufficient to support overlying road structures. Original plans called for undercutting several sections of the soil, up to 2 feet deep, and replacing it with stone.

Since the scope of the problem was not yet fully known, it wasn’t possible to accurately estimate the extent to which undercutting would be necessary, meaning that costs could vary widely, and in a worst case scenario, vastly exceed original estimates for the project.

By choosing soil stabilization over undercutting, Rock Solid was able to build a structurally superior road on a budget that was controlled, in a way that significantly reduced any impact on the environment.

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Cook County, Orland Park

Full-depth reclamation was chosen over a more traditional remove and replace approach because deep underlying pavement problems could be resolved and structural performance targets could be met at a fraction of the cost.

  • truck-loads
    98% - 99% Fewer
    Semi Truck Loads
  • icon-less-time
    20% - 60%
    Less Time
  • icon-cost-savings
    45% - 53%
    Cost Savings
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Rock Solid has performed pulverization, soil stabilization, soil modification, full depth reclamation, and cement treated base projects in over 20 states ranging from California to New York and Texas to North Dakota. We've processed over 32 million square yards of unsuitable soil & deteriorating pavement and salvaged 3 million tons of aggregate and pavement on DOT, local agency, and private projects since 2010.