Full Depth Reclamation

Structural Integrity for the Long Haul

When roadway engineers have severely distressed or destroyed roads, Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) is a popular solution to restore structural integrity at a fraction of the price, in a fraction of the time. Combine cost savings with eco-friendly methods and faster construction times, and it’s no surprise FDR is changing the way we rebuild roads, including hybrid engineering.

  • Reuses 100% of your existing road in-place.
  • Eliminates deep pavement crack patterns.
  • Restore structural integrity of pavement.
  • Preventatively address moisture issues

FDR Vs Reconstruction

A Responsible Investment in Infrastructure



Cost Savings



Fewer Truck Loads


15x Less

Roadway Materials



Time Savings

How Full Depth Reclamation Works

Reusing Material, Restoring Roads

Road Pulzerization


Pulverize existing pavement and convert it into a usable base.

Road Stabilization


Stabilize base using additives to increase strength and durability


Shape and compact the material, creating a smooth, stable surface.


Apply a wearing course for added protection and stability.


By using cold processes, reusing materials, working on-site, and reducing trucks, FDR can decrease greenhouse gas emissions and conserve energy.

Rebuilt to Last

Problematic bases, mill and fills and overlays don’t address the underlying problem – they simply address the appearance, sealing in cracks and moisture. This means cracks in the HMA or underlying material will likely reflect through, forcing roadway owners to continually re-address the same problem. FDR doesn’t just cover the problem, it eliminates the main cause of surface failures.

Reinforced Strength

Full Depth Reclamation distributes load pressures over a greater surface area, allowing for better bridging over the subgrade. This means high traffic roads are better able maintain their structural integrity and hold strong for the long haul.

CASE STUDY: Cook County, Orland Park – FDR (Full Depth Reclamation)

Full-depth reclamation was chosen over a more traditional remove and replace approach because deep underlying pavement problems could be resolved and structural performance targets could be met at a fraction of the cost.
  • 98% - 99% Fewer
    Semi Truck Loads
  • 20% - 60%
    Less Time
  • 45% - 53%
    Cost Savings
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