About Us

Rock Solid Stabilization and Reclamation, Inc. is a full service Soil Stabilization and Pavement Reclamation contractor.

Our passion is finding more efficient and cost effective ways for our customers to build projects and achieve long lasting results. Whether it’s because of heavy traffic loads, ongoing environmental stressors, or harsh weather conditions, pavements are going to wear out over time. Maintaining them can be costly, time consuming and temporary at best.

By using the latest and most innovative soil stabilization and modification products and methods, Rock Solid gives its customers a way to fully rehabilitate pavement surfaces and significantly increase the integrity of its underlying structures by using existing materials rather than performing wasteful and costly undercuts.

A more traditional approach to pavement maintenance, undercuts typically require twice as much trucking and result in byproducts that end up in landfills, while Stabilization, Modification and Full-depth Reclamation methods reduce landfill waste by making use of existing aggregate and asphalt on site and in-place.

Rehabilitation is the way of the future—not just because it saves valuable time, money and resources, but also because it has considerably less impact on the environment than traditional methods. Rock Solid believes in doing things the right way: that what’s good for the planet is good for business too.


“One of the exciting aspects of this industry is the commitment to preserving our natural resources. Pavement preservation methods use considerably less virgin aggregate than traditional construction methods. Utilizing them properly allows our customers to get the best project for the best price and, as an added bonus, lower their projects impact on the environment.”
–Mike Cohn, Vice President

From start to finish—by using innovative and forward thinking methods, utilizing new technologies, making sure that what we do is environmentally responsible, and by value-engineering each project to achieve the best outcomes for every one of our customers—we are leading the way toward a future that is absolutely Rock Solid.