Soil Stabilization

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Stronger Subgrades for Successful Projects

When pavement engineers and contractors need to increase subgrade strength or guarantee a working platform in unfavorable conditions, they look to soil stabilization and modification. With massive cost-savings and faster construction times, these technologies increase structural integrity and retain strength during wet conditions; ensuring your project stays on track, no matter what.

Soil Stabilization vs Undercutting


80% Less Expensive


50% Time Savings


Engineered to Specific Structural Requirements


Protection From Future Moisture

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Soil stabilization

What Can Soil Stabilization Do For You?

Soil Stabilization is a powerful and cost-effective technology used in site development projects to improve subgrade shear strength and control shrink-swell properties for higher load bearing capacity and uniform consistency. Think of it as an insurance policy against water, weather, and heavy delivery loads giving your project the support it needs from the start and for the future.

Where is Soil Stabilization Used?

Stabilization and Modification can be used to add strength to almost any soil under any hard surface pavement or structural fill zone, including:

  • Parking Lots
  • Cement Roads & Sidewalks
  • Building Pads
  • Pond Berms, Dikes, & Levees
  • Asphalt Roads
  • Tracks & Athletic Fields

How Soil Stabilization Works

Reusing Material, Restoring Roads


Place stabilization agent evenly and uniformly on the soil


Material is mixed into soil using a soil reclaimer/stabilizer


Compact soil using a padfoot compactor with a knockdown blade


Surface is shaped to desired elevations and sealed with a roller

Direct Water Injection


Proof roll and user DCP and density testing to ensure a quality end product

Did you know:

For most projects, a 4-5” reduction in gravel will pay for complete soil stabilization of your subgrade. Save money while gaining structural integrity. Contact us to learn more.


A stabilized road protects against moisture issues, ensuring you stay on schedule and go the distance.


We’ve processed more than 50 million square yards of soil in over 25 states, providing rock solid results that stand up to weather and wear for the long haul.


Through value-engineering, we can find innovative ways to improve efficiencies in design and construction which save time and money.


From tankers to reclaimers, our well-maintained stabilization fleet can be deployed to meet the demands of your job, in the time frame you need us.

CASE STUDY: Northern Illinois Medical Center – Soil Stabilization

By choosing soil stabilization over undercutting, Rock Solid was able to build a structurally superior road on a budget that was controlled, in a way that significantly reduced any impact on the environment.
  • Less fuel consumed from hauling off spoils or importing virgin stone
  • Accelerated the work schedule
  • Increased structural coefficient values by 0.84
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