Soil Stabilization

Increasing the strength and integrity of underlying soil layers in order to provide stability to overlying structures.


Accelerated construction times


A greener alternative to traditional methods


30-80% cheaper than the alternative of undercutting


Improves overall cross sectional strength

  • Existing unsuitable material or fill can be stabilized in multiple lifts (up to 16” per lift), limiting the amount of select fill needed to be imported onto the worksite
  • Stabilized subgrades are more resistant to environmental stressors and requires less maintenance over the life cycle of your construction project
  • When combined with value engineering, stabilized subgrade may reduce the pavement cross section thickness required to reach the designed structural strength.

Frequently, in-situ soils and local base materials do not meet project-specific requirements. Altering soils and enhancing their properties with additives such as lime, fly ash, and cement, results in sub soils that are more resistant to construction traffic and to water absorption and swell, and more able to maintain material and engineering properties when exposed to environmental stressors.