Asphalt Pulverization

When surfaces are too damaged to fill, seal coat, or to make other spot repairs, Asphalt Pulverizing offers an economical way to fully rehabilitate a road with little to no disruption to traffic flow.


Eliminates cracking and extends pavement life


Excess materials can be salvaged for re-use later in the project


Allows for grading of base to re-profile slope deficiencies

  • Asphalt can be replaced quickly with a minimum of cost, effort, and traffic disruption
  • Eliminates removal costs when not restricted by grade or elevation project requirements
  • Can be utilized on existing chip seal and HMA pavements up to 15+” thick

Roads, parking lots and other surfaces see a lot of wear and tear, and keeping them maintained can put a strain on a budget. Asphalt pulverization is a method of pavement rehabilitation that consists of pulverizing and grinding together the distressed layer of existing asphalt pavement along with a portion of the underlying base, grading and compacting the resulting mixture, creating a revitalized aggregate base. This revitalized base can support a protective surface of hot mix asphalt (HMA), micro-surface or chip seal.

The result is a rebuilt road, using a minimum of new material, that is as strong and reliable as the original construction. And no pavement has to be hauled away, which saves money on trucking and excavating.