Portage, Indiana Chooses Full Depth Reclamation

The City of Portage begins $2 million road rehabilitation project utilizing Full Depth Reclamation

It’s been known for a long time that utilizing Aggregate Base Stabilization and Full Depth Reclamation techniques showcase the best in-place pavement recycling has to offer by saving money, saving time, improving strength, and reducing the need for non-renewable aggregates.

Check out this article, Portage begins $2 million street rebuilding project throughout city to see why the City of Portage implemented the most cost efficient and environmentally friendly approach to repairing their streets.

Re-use The Existing Aggregate

Preliminary estimates, based on project quantities, reveal the City of Portage eliminated the removal of over 2,200 tons of existing aggregate base.  That is over 100 semi loads of aggregate that will be stabilized in place, with cement, rather than hauled offsite.  You can double those numbers since you no longer need to haul in new aggregate base.  The benefits in terms of dollars, scheduling, and environmental impact makes considering Full Depth Reclamation or Base Stabilization very smart for any road rehabilitation project.

Smart Road Managers Choose Full Depth Reclamation

When road managers choose to fully remove and replace their roads they typically spend more money per lane mile, extend their construction timeline exponentially, and nearly double the amount of non-renewable aggregates needed to rebuild their road.  There is no doubt the City of Portage made the smart choice for their tax payers and the environment.  We, at Rock Solid, are excited to be working on this intelligently designed project for Rieth-Riley and the City of Portage, IN.

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