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Rock Solid

As a full service soil stabilization, pavement recycling and reclamation contractor, Rock Solid offers a comprehensive array of pavement and sub-grade restructuring services.

We have over a decade’s worth of experience evaluating and treating unsuitable sub-grade, aggregate base, and deteriorating pavements. Everything we do utilizes up to the minute technology and methods with the goal of getting the very best outcome from every project.

Working closely with our clients, we take a systematic approach to each project to maximize function and value. By using materials that are already there, this approach increases the integrity of underlying structures and significantly cuts down on maintenance requirements going forward.

Case Study: Cook County, Orland Park – FDR (Full Depth Reclamation)

Full-depth reclamation was chosen over a more traditional remove and replace approach because deep underlying pavement problems could be resolved and structural performance targets could be met at a fraction of the cost.
  • 98% - 99% Fewer
    Semi Truck Loads
  • 20% - 60%
    Less Time
  • 45% - 53%
    Cost Savings

Industry Leaders

ARRA Seminar, Fargo ND

What we do is important because it builds the foundation not only for our clients and our communities, but for our industry as well. As industry leaders, we are always looking toward the future by finding ways to do things to a higher standard: working to reduce waste and re-use materials, cutting costs and man-hours, and pioneering new processes. We believe that by doing things the right way, we can all look forward to a future that is Rock Solid.



Pavement resurfacing

Our experience has shown that a rehabilitative approach to pavement resurfacing not only saves valuable time, money, and resources, but also has considerably less impact on the environment than traditional methods. By conserving existing materials and using methods that are more efficient, we reduce landfill waste, limit the use of non-renewable materials, and save natural resources.

Rock Solid Team

At Rock Solid, we’re all about standing out. We’re competitive, innovative, thorough, efficient, and determined. We stand out because we’re the best at what we do and because we have the best customers and professionals in the industry.