Engineered Asphalt Emulsion in FDR

FDR with Emulsified Asphalt

Check out this quick video of Rock Solid Stabilization direct injecting 1.7 gallons of asphalt emulsion per SY with one of our Wirtgen WR 250i Reclaimers.  The 3.2 mile Full Depth Reclamation project on Clay Street is part of Lake County, Indiana’s 2018 road preservation plan.  Mix designs from, trusted industry experts, Midland Standard Engineering & Testing, Inc. determined the addition of 2.5% of emulsified asphalt to the top 6” of pre-pulverized asphalt and aggregate base would meet the design strength requirements set forth in INDOT ITM 594-17.

Customization of emulsified asphalt stabilizing agents binding RAP and aggregate base is vital to meeting specific project strength and curing criteria.  We turned to Tri-State Asphalt, LLC for their expertise in pavement preservation.  They provided and delivered the engineered asphalt emulsion that helped Rock Solid Stabilization complete the 45,484 SY project in a little over 3 days.

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