Stabilization with Direct Water Injection

Stabilization with Direct Water Injection

Top 5 Reasons to use Direct Water Injection when  Stabilizing Soil

  1. Uniform Consistency — Direct Injection controls the precise application of water accurately to the exact percentage needed for the stabilized cross section to reach optimum moisture.
  2.  Gravity — Water runs downhill and puddles in low spots, so when “top dressing” or applying water through a spray bar there is no guarantee the cross section is receiving the same application of water for the stabilized area.
  3. Adjust for Overlap — Direct injection capabilities allow for the operator to control the width of the application area by activating or restricting water nozzles. (A remaining 4’ section can effectively receive the water without over hydrating the previously stabilized adjacent area)
  4. Adapt to Changing Ground Conditions — Direct injection capabilities allow the operator to quickly adjust the amount of water applied to reach optimum moisture for the stabilized section. Project soils rarely retain the same moisture content or makeup throughout a site, so it’s important to be able to adjust for these different ground conditions.
  5. Better Results & Strengths — When proper moisture is applied consistently the stabilized cross section is better controlled, more uniform, and stronger.

It’s not always possible to use direct injection, but when it is, it is the best way to add moisture to your stabilized section.  It’s the Rock Solid Way!

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