Safety Improves with Luke Rossman

Rock Solid Safety for a Rock Solid Future

S-Q-P (Safety – Quality – Production) “Our Daily Order of Priorities” is our Top Core Value.

Living this value to its core we’ve recently hired Luke Rossman to lead our safety program from the inside.  In the past, we’ve outsourced our compliance inspections.

Luke earned a BS in Business Management with a concentration in Occupational Safety Management from the University of Wisconsin, Platteville. Additionally, Luke has certifications in Competent Person Training, and OSHA 510.  As Rock Solid Stabilization’s, Safety Manager, Luke is responsible for providing technical and regulatory support to maintain or exceed OSHA and DOT standards, as well as ensure compliance with our third-party safety verification partners ISNetworld, Avetta, & PEC.

“Luke is an excellent addition to Rock Solid Stabilization. His education and industry experience in construction Health, Safety, & Environment will elevate Rock Solid’s strong reputation, and we look forward to working with him on special projects in the future” Tim Walsh, VP of Horton Safety Consultants.

Glen Fisher, a Senior Energy Risk Specialist, with Berkley Oil & Gas, our insurance provider, said “We’ve been happy with Rock Solid’s commitment to their employees  well-being and working conditions for a long time.  The hiring of a full time professional strengthens their position in the market.  The upgrade will enable Rock Solid Stabilization to continue to work on high profile projects within the renewable energy sector where oversight is intense. Furthermore, Having someone with Luke’s experience in-house and at job sites will benefit Rock Solid in many ways. His familiarity with specialized tasks like handling claims and educating your staff on standards and laws, relative to the work you do is a great benefit. He will also be an excellent resource for training for all levels of employees. Safety managers don’t think like construction people or estimating people, or project management people. Instead of focusing on client satisfaction or costs, on-site safety managers like Luke, focus on safety above all else. This focus provides a unique perspective that will lead to real positive change in operations and corporate culture that already have a Rock Solid foundation.”

Safety Manager Luke Rossman


  1. What is the most challenging aspect of being a safety professional in the construction industry?

“The most difficult challenge as a safety manager is working in a very production driven industry where short-cuts may save time, but also may put workers at risk for injury.  At Rock Solid Stabilization one of our core values is putting safety before production no matter what.  My job is to ensure each member of our team upholds this value.”

  1. What is one goal you wish to accomplish in your position with Rock Solid Stabilization this year?

“One goal for the year, is to reduce the number of short cuts we take in an effort to ensure everyone goes home in as good or better shape than they arrived.  A short cut that saves 15 seconds doesn’t make or break a job, and it isn’t worth getting hurt over.”

suasage & mushroom pizza that Safety Manager Luke Likes


  1. If you could pick up a new skill in an instant what would it be?

“The ability to fly a plane, I would be thrilled to be pilot one day.  Have taken a few lessons in the past, and loved the freedom and the ability to travel.”

  1. What is your favorite movie quote?

“You’re killing me smalls”, from Sandlot.

  1. What are your favorite pizza toppings?

“It has to be a good handmade thin crust pizza with sausage and mushroom.”

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