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We tested our newest App this week on two base stabilization projects with the help of spreader truck operators Mike Pilat & Mark Hellios. Both were instrumental in the onsite test run that helped us assess performance during real time production.  They’ve agreed to continue to test the App daily until we are ready for a full launch later this month.

“This App saves me at least a 1/2 hour of paperwork a day and knowing the office can see our progress and get our totals in real time is a huge relief.  I’m hoping to never get a “day after” phone call again asking where our paperwork is.” – Mike Pilat, Local 150 Operating Engineer, Rock Solid Stabilization

“The Apps and software we are developing are game changers. We no longer need to wait for multiple days to receive paper reports in the mail. We can see job progress throughout the day by viewing job site reports online. The Rock Solid App will streamline decision making and improve efficiency among project management and accounting immediately.” –

Jonathan Pease, Owner / President, Rock Solid Stabilization

The Future is Rock Solid.

How it All Started...

3 years ago… We collaborated with Cultivate Brands to create a calculator our operators could use to quickly and easily determine surface area. We depend on accuracy when measuring out loads of stabilizers like Portland Cement, Lime Kiln Dust, or Fly Ash.   Getting the application rate right is critical to quality control and helps us keep our cost down.  You can download the Rock Solid App (Utilities / Tools version) in the App Store or Google Play Store for your daily soil stabilization and soil modification layout calculator.

Less Paperwork = Maximum Efficiency

2 years ago… Again, with the help of Cultivate Brands, we developed another App to help our pneumatic tanker truck drivers document and report their load information daily. The App nearly eliminated all paperwork and maximized efficiency between payroll and dispatch. Since the first of this year, our truck drivers no longer fill out paper time cards. Their daily data is collected in real time, pushed to the cloud, and organized in our software for dispatch, accounts payable, and payroll.  The RS Command App is available for download, but use is limited to Rock Solid Employees by a login & password requirement.

Tracking Production Made Easy

No years ago… We combined the two Apps to improve our spreader operator’s daily experience. In the past, the spreader operator would have to wait until a load of stabilizer like Portland Cement or Lime Kiln Dust was delivered to begin layout. The new App allows the operator to collect the load information before the truck driver leaves the plant. In turn, the onsite operator can begin to layout their load well ahead of its arrival, by verifying the load quantity data and utilizing the calculator.  When the load is placed onsite the operator designates the load as “placed” on the app, and the data is pushed to the cloud, and our job reporting software for our project management team.  The project team can track the progress of any of Rock Solid’s soil stabilization, full depth reclamation, or soil modification projects in real time.

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