Benefits of Quicklime in Soil Modification

What is Quicklime?

Quicklime is formed by burning or heating naturally occurring limestone rock.

Used in the steel industry, it acts as a flux in purifying steel removing all phosphorus, sulfur, and silica, which are all damaging to your health.

Quicklime is also used for water treatment. Since it is an alkaline, it is used to adjust the pH levels of drinking water, lowering the acidity to make water potable.

In the site work industry, quicklime is used for soil modification to dry and strengthen soils with a high plasticity rating such as fatty clay.

Quicklime in Modification and "dry down"

Soil Modification @ Subgrade: When the jobsites subgrade is failing a proof roll due to being above optimum moisture, adding quicklime will quickly dry and increase stability. Not to mention the cost to modify can be up to 80% cheaper and 50% faster vs. the cost of undercutting.

“Dry Drown” Your Fills (lifts): Often modification is referred to as “dry down”.  Instead of discing, drying, and hoping for wind and sunshine, blending quicklime will dry wet material in hours rather than days. Quicklime dry down is a great way to keep a project on schedule and protected from future rain events.  Gambling with Mother Nature could cost more than a few days.

Quicklime is cost effective, and available throughout the nation, making quicklime a great solution for drying wet soils.


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