Naperville Streets 2019:Job Story

Naperville Streets 2019

Andy Hynes, Deputy City Engineer on the Brush Hill Project was just one of the many employees within the engineering department at the City of Naperville. Andy has helped advance the use of Full Depth Reclamation on Naperville streets over the past 4 years to help repair their cities failing asphalt roads.

The city of Naperville started using FDR in 2015 when they came across an emergency that needed to be fixed right away. Once they removed the existing asphalt pavement in a cul-de-sac, they saw the aggregate base needed some extensive repairs. Their time was limited so they knew doing a full reconstruction was not an option. After talking with their peers and the contractor they decided to try Full Depth Reclamation. Now, 4 years later they are using this process to reclaim a number of neighborhood and city streets throughout Naperville.

One of the three Full Depth Reclamation projects they performed in 2019 was the Brush Hill Project. This project covered just under a mile of neighborhood roads, equating to ~14,000 SY’s. By implementing FDR with Cement, The City of Naperville not only cuts their costs in half as compared to full depth removal and replacement but cuts their construction timeline even more. In summary, they are getting a stronger road, at half the cost, in less than half the time.

The city of Naperville, since 2015, has completed ~378,000 square yards of FDR (~59,000 square yards of that coming in 2019) and recycled over 245,000 tons of aggregate base.

“The process has, overall, been beneficial. Less impact on the residence, as they are not out of their driveways for a couple weeks at a time (as compared to full reconstruction). On top of that you also have cost savings, so there are a lot of advantages to FDR.” – Andy Hynes, City of Naperville.

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